Sunless Tanners for the Summer

I wish I could spend all summer lying out on the beach and soaking in a healthy amount of Vitamin D that I so desperately need. But since I have bills and loans to pay, I’ll spend most of my time indoors in front of a computer. So for those who are just like me, here are some great sunless tanners that will give you that summer glow without that wicked sunburn and here’s a great article from Marie Claire with some products of their own.

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Beach Hair Without the Beach

Who has time to go to the beach when you’re stuck inside an office all day. Luckily, beauty products have the ability to sun kiss our skin and give us the beach hair that we so rightfully deserve. Since my hair is currently Keratin treated, it’s a little more difficult to obtain beach waves, but before, my natural hair was able to obtain waves with Bumble and Bumble products. While I do love Bumble and Bumble (they have some great travel size kits) there are other fish, I mean sprays and serums in the sea.

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Finding Your Scent

For me, smell is one of the most important senses. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t smell fresh cut grass or the pavement after a rain shower. It’s the small thing in life and it’s scent that brings back memories. I have always adored the scents that my mother wore as I grew up. When I reached my pubescent years, I did what most ill advised teenagers did and doused myself with the latest Bath and Body Works scent. As I’ve grown older and wiser, I have played around with certain scents. While I’m not at the age where I have found “the one” scent, I have found a few along the way that are pretty great.


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Amazing Mascaras

Mascara is the holy grail of beauty products. From a young age, I couldn’t wait till I could wear mascara and give my eyes a pop. As a natural blonde, my lashes are so pale that without mascara, I get a lot of weird looks and I’m avoided as if I have a cold. I have tried everything from drug store to high-end mascara and I love them all. From $7 to $30+ I have gone through the years trying out different mascaras. I’m also one to buy a few if I find a favorite. I recently learned my lesson when my favorite Kat Von D went out of stock and I was heart-broken. My newest love is Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash. I usually stock up with two at a time, just in case.

A few of my other favorites can be found below. Most are sold at Sephora and Ulta, which are two of my guilt pleasures.

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Brow Game Strong

I respect the brows. I bow down to people who have mastered their brows and I envy those makeup tutorials that are constantly popping up on my Facebook feed. I like to think that I have come a long long way from my blonde, barely there brows. I would like to thank Tarte Amazonian in light taupe and my latest and greatest Too Faced Brow kit. I also stumbled across this article from Elle for some beginners.

In the meantime, here are some products that I have on my to-buy list!

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Professional Beauty

I’ve seen a lot of professionals gone wrong within the industry. I’ve seen senior position managers wear mini skirts that showed too much skin and I’ve seen women wear so much makeup that it had to be wiped off their office phone. If you want to make a good and reputable impression than I suggest doing some of the following when getting ready in the morning.

  1. Less is more and I’m not talking about clothing. You’re not going to the club. So leave your fake lashes at home and opt for a more natural look. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a bright lip color that screams sophistication instead of strip club.
  2. Tone down the glitter. I’ve noticed that some of my coworker like to done some glitter shadow. While I’m one to embrace the shadow, there is a line that has to be draw. A bit of shadow or even a highlighter can enhance any look and a good highlighter can keep your skin glowing and looking healthy, without the heaviness of a bronzer.
  3. Scent is also very important. Opt for a nice, subtle scent that isn’t too overwhelming. I’m a huge fan of travel size beauty products, especially fragrance. The small size can easily fit in your purse and can be applied discreetly throughout the day. Just make sure you’re not bathing yourself in the scent.
  4. Dirty hair. I can’t go one day without shampooing because of my natural hair oils. If you’re like me or your prone to pushing the snooze button, then opt for a dry shampoo. Some of my favorite can be bought in everyday stores such as Walgreens and Shoprite. Spray at your oiliest parts then brush out. I prefer sprays that give my hair some volume, instead of flattening my mane.
  5. Blotting papers. If you’re constantly on the go or tend to be a little nervous during a work presentation in front of the peers, pack some blotting papers. These little wonders can fit in your pocket and are great for absorbing face shine and sweat. I hear they also have some great other features, but for now, I’ll just use them on my face. They’re especially great in the summer and especially if you’re using public transportation to commute.

Know of any of tricks and tips for the office place? Let us know in the comment section!

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elvis+elvin Hydrate Therapy Detoxify Alginate Pee-Off Mask

Guys, I have finally found the coolest face mask. Thanks to the lovely people over at elvis+elvin, I was lucky enough to try out their Hydrate Therapy Detoxify Alginate Peel-Off Mask for Normal to Oily Skin. The mask isn’t your ordinary gel or sheet mask. The box was loaded with 5 packs of these beauties and each pack has two parts. Each pack must be mixed together in a bowl, with the supplied trusty elvis+elvin spatula for 1 minute.


Now before I go on, I will say that the day I received this package was perfect. I was working from home, hair up, and no makeup whatsoever on my face. So I started with a clean canvas.

So back to the mask. After one minute of mixing together the pack (Actives Gel and Neutral Base Gel), I was ready. Per the instructions, the mask should be evenly distributed on the face with either the spatula provided or clean fingers. Okay, it didn’t say clean, but if you’re touching your face, your fingers should be clean.


I layered the black gel on. I may have gotten a little overzealous by putting it close to my hair line (lesson learned), but overall it was a good, thick layer. Now, I had to wait 5 minutes till I could remove the mask. So I set my trusty iPhone timer and laid on the ground. Why was I on the ground? Well, the gel is thick and as I was applying it in my bathroom, I noticed that it was starting to drip. So to prevent any black gel mishaps, I decided to lie straight down to let the gel dry.


The gel for the record, smelled mildly of peppermint and had a light tingle while on my face. It was nothing to be alarmed about, as I knew that it was doing its job.

When the 5 minutes was up, I removed the mask as noted on the box. The instructions noted that the mask would peel off like a second skin and it did. The gel peeled off in large pieces as I moved across my face. The gel, like a stiff jelly was so easy to remove (minus the pieces closest to my hair line). Plus, it was just so different and much cooler than any face mask that I’ve used before. I may think twice before washing it down the sink (it’s thick gel), but I won’t think twice about using this again.

So how’s my face? It feels cool, refreshed, and hydrated. I even had some acne acting up, which seems to have calmed down in the process.

So thanks elvis+elvin for creating a product that makes beauty fun and cool again!

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Coconut Oil Products

Not only is coconut oil amazing for cooking (I make some delicious coconut quinoa), it’s also great on the skin. Some many brands have jumped on this bandwagon and are designing their products to be infused with this delicious smelling oil. As usual, these products can be found at Sephora!



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Natural Beauty

Sometimes we can get caught up in makeup and honestly, I have fallen victim to the same things. I constantly want to wear my new lip colors, eye colors, and everything else. But something has caught my eye on social media and it’s the whole idea of fresh faced beauty. Fresh faced beauty means ditching makeup entirely for the day and basking in being makeup free. I don’t know about you, but when I go completely makeup free, I’m constantly asked if I’m fighting a cold or just happened to wake up late. Luckily, I’m here to talk about natural beaut and the things that can be done to enhance your beautiful skin and hair with out applying layers of makeup.

  1. If you’re prone to sensitive skin or you find yourself applying layers of foundation. Stop. Applying layers of makeup to the skin keeps it from breathing and can result in increased breakouts and oil. First, you should use a gentle face cleanser to rid your skin of all traces of makeup. I eve suggest using a Clarisonic or a deep exfoliator a few times a week (if you over exfoliate, you can dry out the skin.) Next, if you do go for foundations, choose ones that are infused with Argan oil. This will keep the skin hydrated and looking great. If you don’t apply foundation, use a light Argan or coconut oil to give your skin some hydration. The key is to keep your skin as healthy and as natural looking as possible.
  2. Use a lip exfoliators. Exfoliators are not only for skin and can be used on lips to peel away dry skin. After using an exfoliator, use a nice balm to give your lips moisture and shine. You can even opt for tinted balm.
  3. Mascara and highlighter. I think that simple mascara can pull together a look. Use highlighter around your brows and cheek bones to give a nice, natural glow.
  4. Brows. I believe in the brow. I also believe that in addition to mascara, a nice tame brow can pull together any look. A lightly filled in brow gives the face a focal point and it appears very natural.

These are just a few tips on achieving a natural look. If you’re more of  fresh face gal, then I salute you and you’re ability to flaunt it!



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Note: All thoughts, opinions, and photos are our own! We were happy to collaborate and have this article featured on Empowering Queens!

5-Minute Face

If I knew how to snooze my alarm, I would do it in an instant. If I could snap my fingers and be at work, I would do it. Instead, I have these great tips on how to get makeup ready in 5 minutes.

  1. Wake up with a hot washcloth on the face to open pores and wake you up. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer after.
  2. If you apply foundation, BB or CC cream, add some on top of your moisturizered skin.
  3. Apply some light shadow and dab on some mascara. White eyeliner can also help you look more awake.
  4. Sculpt the brows. Remember they’re sisters, not twins. Add a light layer of powder to pull them off and run some highlighter under the brow to give it definition.
  5. Finish off with lips. Add a nice tinted balm or your favorite lip color to pull together your look.

All that in five minutes? Now you can reward yourself with a tall coffee!


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Note: All thoughts, opinions, and photos are our own! We were happy to collaborate and have this article featured on Empowering Queens!