Professional Beauty

I’ve seen a lot of professionals gone wrong within the industry. I’ve seen senior position managers wear mini skirts that showed too much skin and I’ve seen women wear so much makeup that it had to be wiped off their office phone. If you want to make a good and reputable impression than I suggest doing some of the following when getting ready in the morning.

  1. Less is more and I’m not talking about clothing. You’re not going to the club. So leave your fake lashes at home and opt for a more natural look. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a bright lip color that screams sophistication instead of strip club.
  2. Tone down the glitter. I’ve noticed that some of my coworker like to done some glitter shadow. While I’m one to embrace the shadow, there is a line that has to be draw. A bit of shadow or even a highlighter can enhance any look and a good highlighter can keep your skin glowing and looking healthy, without the heaviness of a bronzer.
  3. Scent is also very important. Opt for a nice, subtle scent that isn’t too overwhelming. I’m a huge fan of travel size beauty products, especially fragrance. The small size can easily fit in your purse and can be applied discreetly throughout the day. Just make sure you’re not bathing yourself in the scent.
  4. Dirty hair. I can’t go one day without shampooing because of my natural hair oils. If you’re like me or your prone to pushing the snooze button, then opt for a dry shampoo. Some of my favorite can be bought in everyday stores such as Walgreens and Shoprite. Spray at your oiliest parts then brush out. I prefer sprays that give my hair some volume, instead of flattening my mane.
  5. Blotting papers. If you’re constantly on the go or tend to be a little nervous during a work presentation in front of the peers, pack some blotting papers. These little wonders can fit in your pocket and are great for absorbing face shine and sweat. I hear they also have some great other features, but for now, I’ll just use them on my face. They’re especially great in the summer and especially if you’re using public transportation to commute.

Know of any of tricks and tips for the office place? Let us know in the comment section!

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Note: All thoughts, opinions, and photos are our own! We were happy to collaborate and have this article featured on Empowering Queens!


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