elvis+elvin Hydrate Therapy Detoxify Alginate Pee-Off Mask

Guys, I have finally found the coolest face mask. Thanks to the lovely people over at elvis+elvin, I was lucky enough to try out their Hydrate Therapy Detoxify Alginate Peel-Off Mask for Normal to Oily Skin. The mask isn’t your ordinary gel or sheet mask. The box was loaded with 5 packs of these beauties and each pack has two parts. Each pack must be mixed together in a bowl, with the supplied trusty elvis+elvin spatula for 1 minute.


Now before I go on, I will say that the day I received this package was perfect. I was working from home, hair up, and no makeup whatsoever on my face. So I started with a clean canvas.

So back to the mask. After one minute of mixing together the pack (Actives Gel and Neutral Base Gel), I was ready. Per the instructions, the mask should be evenly distributed on the face with either the spatula provided or clean fingers. Okay, it didn’t say clean, but if you’re touching your face, your fingers should be clean.


I layered the black gel on. I may have gotten a little overzealous by putting it close to my hair line (lesson learned), but overall it was a good, thick layer. Now, I had to wait 5 minutes till I could remove the mask. So I set my trusty iPhone timer and laid on the ground. Why was I on the ground? Well, the gel is thick and as I was applying it in my bathroom, I noticed that it was starting to drip. So to prevent any black gel mishaps, I decided to lie straight down to let the gel dry.


The gel for the record, smelled mildly of peppermint and had a light tingle while on my face. It was nothing to be alarmed about, as I knew that it was doing its job.

When the 5 minutes was up, I removed the mask as noted on the box. The instructions noted that the mask would peel off like a second skin and it did. The gel peeled off in large pieces as I moved across my face. The gel, like a stiff jelly was so easy to remove (minus the pieces closest to my hair line). Plus, it was just so different and much cooler than any face mask that I’ve used before. I may think twice before washing it down the sink (it’s thick gel), but I won’t think twice about using this again.

So how’s my face? It feels cool, refreshed, and hydrated. I even had some acne acting up, which seems to have calmed down in the process.

So thanks elvis+elvin for creating a product that makes beauty fun and cool again!

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