Natural Beauty

Sometimes we can get caught up in makeup and honestly, I have fallen victim to the same things. I constantly want to wear my new lip colors, eye colors, and everything else. But something has caught my eye on social media and it’s the whole idea of fresh faced beauty. Fresh faced beauty means ditching makeup entirely for the day and basking in being makeup free. I don’t know about you, but when I go completely makeup free, I’m constantly asked if I’m fighting a cold or just happened to wake up late. Luckily, I’m here to talk about natural beaut and the things that can be done to enhance your beautiful skin and hair with out applying layers of makeup.

  1. If you’re prone to sensitive skin or you find yourself applying layers of foundation. Stop. Applying layers of makeup to the skin keeps it from breathing and can result in increased breakouts and oil. First, you should use a gentle face cleanser to rid your skin of all traces of makeup. I eve suggest using a Clarisonic or a deep exfoliator a few times a week (if you over exfoliate, you can dry out the skin.) Next, if you do go for foundations, choose ones that are infused with Argan oil. This will keep the skin hydrated and looking great. If you don’t apply foundation, use a light Argan or coconut oil to give your skin some hydration. The key is to keep your skin as healthy and as natural looking as possible.
  2. Use a lip exfoliators. Exfoliators are not only for skin and can be used on lips to peel away dry skin. After using an exfoliator, use a nice balm to give your lips moisture and shine. You can even opt for tinted balm.
  3. Mascara and highlighter. I think that simple mascara can pull together a look. Use highlighter around your brows and cheek bones to give a nice, natural glow.
  4. Brows. I believe in the brow. I also believe that in addition to mascara, a nice tame brow can pull together any look. A lightly filled in brow gives the face a focal point and it appears very natural.

These are just a few tips on achieving a natural look. If you’re more of  fresh face gal, then I salute you and you’re ability to flaunt it!



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Note: All thoughts, opinions, and photos are our own! We were happy to collaborate and have this article featured on Empowering Queens!


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