Makeup and Glasses

I wrote this post because it’s something that I have long struggled with. As a long time contact wearer, I suddenly found myself with eye issues and unable to wear them. I resorted to glasses, which I’ve always had. While wearing glasses and still continuing to wear glasses, I struggle with the idea of feeling beautiful. I never truly feel beautiful and found myself not caring about my hair or my beauty. I felt defeated. Luckily, I stumbled across some article that gave me hope and allowed me to feel beautiful again while wearing glasses. I wasn’t myself and I was hidden behind my really cute and totally in Ray Ban frames.

  1. Hide the red marks left on your nose (totally guilty) with some tinted moisturizer. This helps hide the red!
  2. Stick with neutral shadows instead of heavy, dark colors. This will brighten the eyes.
  3. Shape and fill in brows. Even if your frames hide them, give them the life and look that they deserve.
  4. A cat eye never hurt. Applying a thick line of liner will make your eyes appear heavy and small behind frames. Opt for a simple, thin cat cat. Pair that with a neutral shadow and you can accomplish anything!
  5. Bold frames go well with a bold lip. If you’re tired of people being drawn to your glasses, draw them to your lips.


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