Effortless Looks: Girls On The Go

When I started the idea of this post, I wasn’t sure on which way it would go. I had a feeling it would fall into the 5-minute makeup routine, but that’s not what I wanted. So instead, I did a little digging and found an article that I loved and some great tips that I wanted to share. As a girl on the go, I think these tips and tricks are great for putting beauty and travel, hand in hand.

  1. Bring plastic baggies. I’m currently doing this now as I pack for vacation. They’re great, especially when it comes to liquid products such as contact solution, eye drops, and even liquid makeup remover. A plastic baggie prevents the liquids from spilling everywhere and keeps your other beauty products safe and dry.
  2. Go makeup free. You’re in a place where no one knows you, so go without makeup. Let your skin breath in the foreign air and embrace it. Also use this time to test out some face masks after a long flight, train, or car ride to rehydrate the skin.
  3. Hydrate! Water is everything and to keep your skin looking great, keep up the hydration. If you’re going to be drinking, then make sure that you hydrate before, during, and after so your skin doesn’t dry out.
  4. Free samples and travel sizes are your friends. I use travel as an opportunity to use up all of the free and travel size samples that I have accumulated over the years. Plus the smaller the product, the more you can bring right?
  5. Moisturize. Always carry some sort of moisturizer wherever you go. It’s also a real plus if you get one that includes a healthy dose of SPF to protect your face from harsh UV rays and unwanted burn.

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Note: All thoughts, opinions, and photos are our own! We were happy to collaborate and have this article featured on Empowering Queens!


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