Makeup that Beats the Heat

As I write this post, it’s around 90 degrees and I may be melting onto my keyboard…

There is no makeup that I could throw into a bonfire that wouldn’t automatically melt. However, I can help you with some tricks on how to keep your makeup looking FLAWLESS in the summer heat.

  1. Get rid of shine by using a matte primer and other matte products, such as foundation and moisturizer. If all else fails, use oil blotting papers to get rid of the excess oil that builds up among summer and sweat.
  2. Go light with face creams and products. Don’t layer on your foundation, concealer, BB and CC cream. Let your skin breath or it’s going to sweat even more.
  3. Go waterproof. You can always find a waterproof version of your favorite product. My favorite mascara, Benefit Bad Gal Lash just came out with it’s waterproof cousin!
  4. Use some highlighter. It’s a great addition in the summer and it’s super light and airy on the skin.
  5. Lastly the most important thing: deodorant. If the summer hits you hard, then choose a clinical strength deodorant that can stand up to the summer!

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