TSA Approved Beauty

When traveling abroad, I had the misfortune of thinking that TSA wouldn’t take away my hair products. Sadly, my unkempt hair and I were wrong. Now, every time I even consider flying, the first thing that I do is stock up on my favorite TSA approved beauty products that will not be confiscated and leaving me looking like a mess.
Let’s turn the attention to my favorite beauty haven, Sephora. I’m constantly lured in by the itty bitty products that are oh so conveniently placed in the check out line. I also love the signs that read TSA approved. Um yes, count me in please. While I scour the tiny products, I also look for the essentials:
SPF Tinted Lip Balm: Instead of packing up a lip balm and lip stick, opt for a tinted lip balm that has SPF. It’s a two-in-one product but it’s perfect for every occasion. Plus, the options for colors are amazing.
Matte Primer: If you’re traveling, then you’re most likely running around like crazy. So choose a matte primer that will keep your face oil free and keep your makeup looking amazing.
BB Cream with SPF: I’m a huge fan of BB Cream, especially with SPF. Always go for products that have SPF, because it will help your skin in the long run. I’m not that great with foundation and concealer, but BB cream is my save all. It’s light, airy, and perfect.
Moisturizer/Salve: Always, always, always pack a moisturizer. Plus, a salve can be applied to most parts of your body. I use a salve on my lips, hands, and even cuts as a temporary solution.
Perfume: I love perfume because travel size allows me to try out new scents without investing in a full size product. My personal favorite are Tocca due to the fresh scents that make me feel beautiful.
Brush Cleaner: We all remember to pack up makeup remover, but what about cleaning our brushes? Cinema Secrets PRO offers a brush cleaner (which is used by professional artists, so it’s pretty good.) If professional can use it and approve of it, then I can use it while on-the-go. The cleaner kills 99.99% of bacteria, so you can be sure that your brushes will be clean and leave your face looking great.

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Note: All thoughts and opinions are our own! Photos are from Sephora.com


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