BioEsse: Beauty Promoting Properties


Beauty infused with essential oils? Count me in.

There is nothing that I love more than great skin products that help keep your skin looking clean and healthy, while smelling and feeling great. So when I was given the chance to try out the BioEsse Hydrating Cleanser, Rejuvenating Serum, Renewing Facial Lotion, and Regenerating Eye Cream, I was ecstatic. I’m also a sucker for great smelling products.

The Hydrating Cleanser started off my nightly routine. After cleansing my face of my workday makeup, I lathered up with the cleanser which smelled like lavender with a hint of mint. After lathering up my face, I moved to a warm water rinse and lightly dried my face. The Rejuvenating Serum came right after. It felt like an oil that had a stronger sell, thanks to the infused frankincense. I let the serum for a few minutes than gently rinsed it off. I finished off the routine with the Renewing Facial Lotion and massaged it all over my face. It’s lighter than most lotions and smelled wonderful. But of course, I didn’t forget the Regenerating Eye Cream, which I applied under my eyes, due to having sensitive eyes.

What’s great about BioEsse is that it’s a one-of-a-kind skin care line that supports good bacteria on the skin while keeping your skin looking great. So use them during the day or use them at night, BioEsse has you covered.

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Note: All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo is from EC3Health.



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