Kylie Lip Kit


If you follow any kind of social media, then you know that Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits sold out in a matter of minutes. I personally believe it may have set some sort of record, but now you can grab the $29 kits for around $300 on eBay. You have to admit, it’s a smart move, but that’s not the point. While I did not get on the band wagon, I didn’t hurt to do a little research. Each kit is $29 and there are three colors: Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K. You got that? K.

From what I’ve read across the web, the kit is pretty nice, but don’t think it’s worth $300. If anything, you could splurge on 3 shades of Louboutin if money was blowing a hole in your pocket.

But for those who have rent, there are some dupe shades that can be purchased to obtain the same colors as Kylie’s Lip Kits.

This dupe article was originally published by The Cut.


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Note: All thoughts and opinions are my own. The photo is from POPSUGAR beauty. 


One thought on “Kylie Lip Kit

  1. olivialucieblake says:

    I managed to order a lipkit! I have no idea how haha! But i saw on ebay too that people were selling them for like ten times the price they are! Crazy! Havent recieved mine yet, people are complaining about the lack of customer service, cus some people havent even recieved confirmation emails etc, which is kinda bad!

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