Finish Off With A Toner

Toner to me was just another step in a skin care routine. It wasn’t until many years ago that I stumbled upon a Pomegranate KORRES Toner that I fully understood what it could be used for.

So why toner? Toner is the last step in any skin care regime, after everything has been washed offed and cleaned, it’s only then that toner should be applied. Toner is applied to balance the pH on the skin. It helps after a long day of concealers and moisturizers. I personally like to apply before I go to bed, once all of my makeup is removed and  a hot towel is applied to open the pores.

The other day, I was lucky enough to receive Stemulation Luxury Skin Care AHA Herbal Balancing Toner. Compared to other toners, this one comes out yellowish on a small cotton ball. Not only did I use it as a toner, but it also helps remove the final traces of makeup on the skin. Like other toners, this one can burn with open cuts. Naturally, be careful and avoid open wounds on the skin.

Toner can be applied to the neck and face in upwards motions. stemulation_aha-01_1

Some of the wonderful ingredients in the toner, include: cucumber, green tea, grape seed extract, lemongrass, bilberry, grapefruit peel oil, and milk thistle.

Stemulation uses only natural and organic ingredients. These ingredients have been proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 46%. While, I may not have any wrinkles or fine lines at this point in time, it doesn’t hurt to protect my skin from future harshness.

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Note: All thoughts and opinions are my own. The Stimulation Toner photo is from the company website. 


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