Kate Crash Is Crashing Onto The Scene

Kate Crash

Kate Crash is a combination of Lady Gagaesque style meets David Bowie meets the badass female voice and persona of Joan Jett. So it’s no wonder that Kate Crash of Kate Crash & the UFO Club caught the attention of Jett herself. Crash’s music is a great blend of electronic, pop and rocker chic. But it’s not just her music and songs like “WTF Am I,” that caught my attention, but her style and beauty. From bold eyes and an Instagram to die for, Kate Crash is literally crashing onto my scene.

I was able to ask Kate Crash a few questions about her signature beauty and fashion while listening to the next great soundtrack.

You grew up performing on the streets on Tokyo. How has that impacted your beauty choices?

I love mixing traditional Japanese performance art and theater (such as Butoh and Kabuki style makeup) with anime too. I have a large collection of kimonos. Tokyo has an amazing mix of the futuristic fashion and the traditional. I love mixing like this!!!

What are your go to beauty products on tour?

MAC Cosmetics!   They gave me so much amazing makeup and I especially love their pigments, neon pencils and glitter.

Korean beauty is all the rage, but what about Japanese beauty?

Korean skin care regimes are amazing. I think all cultures have something to offer in the beauty department and not in just magazine style beauty. Culture is beautiful.

Do you think your music influences your beauty choices?

DAVID BOWIE DAVID BOWIE DAVID BOWIE. Kansai Yamamoto designed a lot his best stage looks and Bowie’s choices in makeup were unparalleled. Angie Bowie had a lot to do with this.

What’s your go to beauty product?

Organic Shea Butter every night on the face.

What’s the inspiration behind your artwork (Instagram and album) beauty choices?

I love collaging various elements together in fashion and in makeup. I love mixing 70’s UK punk and glam with pop and couture and club kid futurism. A neon futuristic surreal culture collaged androgynous world.

How can readers get your eyes? Between the shadow and everything else, they’re amazing and a great focal point. What’s your secret?

Thank you!!!! For big fashion shoots I have makeup artists that study my personal makeup well and put it on using brushes as I use my fingers and so they do a cleaner version of it. For stage and club stuff it’s all my own work. I don’t know how to use foundation so I don’t but I went to art school and I know how to paint interesting shapes on my face. I look at my clothing and my makeup like a visual art piece; it’s all about balance and telling a story. I often will put white or red eyeliner on my inner lid and lots of strange colors about and below to create a mask. GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER!!! I deeply consider and feel how to best make the character and emotion come to life. My stage and club makeup take me less than 15 minutes, sometimes only 5.

Describe your beauty look in three words.  

Can I have 5? Glitter, war paint, conceptual art.

What’s the overall feel of your tour outfits?

I have very special performance needs because of all the wild dancing I do from fast spins, to crazy jumps, wild bends backwards, to crawling around on the stage. I also have to be able to put on and take off my guitar easily so I can’t have things that will get caught or be damaged by the weight of the strap. I prefer cat suits because they fit well and I can do all of my movement in them. I design them with Kicka Custom Design. She is amazing and knows my body’s performance needs!

Who is your favorite designer?

Ernie Omega – I am his muse and work with him all the time.

Who is your dream designer?

Eiko Ishioka – talk about traditional with the futuristic!! WOW!

What inspires your fashion choices?

Club kid culture, rock n roll, film, characters I feel like turning into, books, sensuality, galaxies, spaceships, robots, glitter, tragic heroes and beautiful villains.

What’s your go to fashion item?

OOOOO!!!! In daily life I would say sparkly shorts and platform boots. But I do love a good cape or kimono.

How does your music influence your style?

Just like my style it is completely collaged from pop, to EDM, to rock. I pull from anything and everything for both. They are both loud, colorful, emotional and unique. They influence each other and are one thing to me.

How does growing up in Tokyo influence your style?

I didn’t grow up in Tokyo but I lived there. I grew up in Hollywood and while here everyone told me I should go to Japan because my choices were so similar to their aesthetic. I saw the Fruits books and fell in love.

 Who is your fashion icon?

David Bowie of course!

Describe your fashion style in three words?

Alien Punk Couture



Note: This interview was conducted via email with Kate Crash. Photo is courtesy of her PR rep. All questions are my own and all answers are Kate’s. 


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