That’s So…Clutch

Generally, I focus strictly on beauty. But this week’s post focuses on two of my other loves: handbags and books. I was given the opportunity to review “Clutch” by Lisa Becker.

Clutch by Lisa Becker

“Find something you love and just hold onto it” –Aunt Mimi

Caroline has long followed her love of handbags. From her triple digit collection to going to school in design to creating her own business, “Clutch” she has followed her aunts advises and held onto what she loves.

Clutch by Lisa Becker, explores the story of Caroline and her best friend Mike as they both embark on their passions. Caroline: create her handbag line. Mike: create and own his bar. The story follows Caroline a little more closely as she searches for love and the perfect bag throughout the story.

The story ends when Caroline realizes that Mike is her perfect bag, “the clutch” and that she needs to hold onto the things that she loves. It’s a great story, full of funny anecdotes, handbags references, failed dating attempts, and the ultimate story of finding who or what makes you happy.

Lisa Becker has also written: “Click: An Online Love Story,” in addition to other stories in the series. She creates characters and stories that are realistic, engaging, and full of charisma.

Note: All thoughts, opinions, and are my own. Photo was provided by Lisa Becker.



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