Throwback: Keeping It Curly with Curlkit

Curlkit All 1

It’s been a long and very important week. For the first time ever, I have decided to embrace the curl and after a few hours in the salon, I finally emerged with my natural curls intact.

After years of fighting, blow-drying, and straightening, I have finally decided that it’s time to embrace my natural curl. Thanks to a new haircut, I can do just that. With just a dime size of product and the scrunching of my wet hair, I am ready to take on the world.

So when I opened up my Curlkit, I was blown away. All the products inside were designed for the one thing that I was embracing: curly hair. It’s hair heaven!EcoCustard

I’m always skeptical about using new products on a rainy day, especially when my hair is known to frizz out to the max. However, when I used the EcoCustard (which really has the same consistency of custard) I was surprised. The macadamia oil inspired smells left my hair smelling amazing all day, while the conditioning and flexible hold allowed my hair to look great all day. With just the tiniest amount (nickel size) I was able to have great hair all day. This product is going to give me months of solid use!Olive Oil Gel

Oil and my hair do not mix, but just a dime size amount of this Oil Olive Gel and I was feeling great.  I can’t stress enough the great hold and shine (reasonable, not too overwhelming—just the way I like) that holds up all day in the humid air, without making me feel greasy.

Argan OilI’ve always been a fan of Argan oil and deep conditioning treatments. So together, this great conditioning treatment left my hair feeling revived, with a healthy shine and clean feeling. Use it every other week to give life back to hair!

UR Curly Abyssinian Oil

Coffee and coconut? These are just 2 of the great oils that when combined create the perfect Abyssinian oil. The light smell of coconut with light oils kept my hair looking great with a healthy shine. The oils gave life to my hair that was going through a dry weekend and left it revitalized and smelling great!

Alikay Naturals Leave In Conditioner

When I did my first test spray, I knew I had made the right choice in using this leave-in conditioner. The smell is wonderful, with an explosion of lemongrass, that left me feeling relaxed. This aromatic scent left my hair smelling wonderful throughout the day. But it’s the overall product that gained my approval. It was a hot, humid, and frizzy hair day. This lemongrass leave-in conditioner saved my day and my hair. My curls were kept soft and intact all day. It was a relief to use a product that was the ideal weight for my hair. Too often, I’ve used products that are heavy and leave my hair looking greasy and flat.

Haute Textures Shampoo

As someone who generally has an itchy scalp, this was the best medicine for it. This amazing smelling and revitalizing shampoo allowed my hair to feel the cleanest that it has felt in years. With the hint of peppermint, my scalp felt cool and clean, while the tea tree allowed my hair to shine and stay itch free. By far, my favorite product!

Curl Hydration Spray

A spray that hydrates my curls? Count me in. This great product livened up my curls for a night out after a long day at work. Without looking greasy or heavy, my curls looked and felt great. Infused with multiple oils including rose, argan, and coconut, I was able to get the most out of my curls.

Curl Keeper

This is everything that I have wanted and more. I used this in anticipation that it would rain later on. This kept my hair looking great and without the frizz (as it rained later.) This product is going to be my go-to product this summer and with the smallest amount, I know it’s going to last me.

Shine n Jam

These two great products are great for travel. Regular hold contains Echinacea which helps promote healthy hair growth, while the extra hold contains honey which promotes hair strength. Great products to use on wet or dry hair. Personally used both on dry hair and didn’t get a greasy look or feel. It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

Check out all that Curlkit has to offer and sign up today to get great products!




blogsig1Note: All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own.


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