Throwback: beautypress 10th Spotlight Day Press Event

When I was sent an invitation to attend the beautypress 10th Spotlight Day Press Event in Manhattan, I was sure there was a mistake? How could beautypress think that I was worthy enough to attend such an exciting event? But, all they had to do was taunt me with getting a first look at some 2015 beauty launches and the promise of coffee and I RSVP’d in minutes without looking back!
Held at the Midtown Loft, the event featured over 10 product tables, manicures, refreshments, and free wifi (which is my savior).

PRIMP & Polish


I instantly headed over to get my first ever gel manicure, courtesy of the lovely team at PRIMP & Polish. Let me tell you that these ladies are beyond talented and I was blown away at the intracacy of their designs. Their salons house over 1000 nail colors in their 4 Brooklyn locations and you can get designs ranging from pop art to your favorite animal. So how do these ladies get so good? Practice, practice, practice. They are constantly practicing new designs on themselves and it really pays off! My only question, “When will they expand to New Jersey?!?!”

All Beauty® Water


After prying myself away from the PRIMP & POLISH table, I was drawn to the refreshments (which is a no brainer.) I had to try one of three All Beauty Water choices and honestly, I’ve actually had one of their products before. The founder and very sweet Camille Varlet actually gave out these awesome waters for the New Jersey Hair to Share Foundation Gala that benefited cancer survivors (an event that I was more than happy to work at.) It’s such a small world and to meet the founder and brand firsthand was fantastic and left me feeling super hydrated and dare I say, beautiful! Chock full of nutrients each bottle contains 2 servings of water, which I desperately needed.



The first table that I went to was for Cureology. The salon’s featured products were fantastic while being sulfate, salt, paraben, and gluten free. But what I wanted to know was their back story. Each product is adorned with a breast cancer ribbon and I wanted to know more. The company, founded in Houston Texas has been giving 10% of their proceeded to local and national breast cancer associations since their start. Not only do they have a great product, but they give back to their local community. Their story warmed my heart and honestly made me happy to know the impact that they’re having! I can only hope that those ladies were able to make it through the cold weather of NYC.

Ottilie & Lulu


Do you have a teen or the acne of a teen? Then check out the great line of products inspired to help teens learn how to properly wash their face and take care of their skin.

Grand Central Beauty


You may have heard of Grand Central Station but have you checked out Grand Central Beauty? This table caught my attention when everyone participating was getting a pink thick product applied to their hands. The product was their highly regarded peel off mask that takes away redness and wrinkles. While I don’t have wrinkles at the moment, I did want to test out the redness factor. After having the product applied to my hand for 15 minutes, I was able to peel it off to reveal healthier looking skin that didn’t appear red or dry. It’s a miracle mask.  



I’ve heard about dietary supplements for hair, but I have yet to try them. This pill is proven to result in thicker, fuller hair while reducing your stress levels.

My Amazing Hair Secrets

IMG_4211These products are proven to cut your hair drying time in half and for someone like me who already hates blow drying my hair, this is awesome! 

Pharmacist’s Daughter


Each product is for someone going through chemotherapy or radiation. Developed by a cancer survivor, these products are perfect for skin affected by cancer and be used on both the body and scalp.



Looking for an instant tan this winter! Selfie is proven to instantly darker skin, in minutes, 2 hours, or gradually throughout the day depending on which product is preferred.

Pour le monde®


Together the three products only use 300 approved products that can be safely worn by mothers to be and others who have severe allergies by featuring non-toxic scents.

Thanks beautypress for putting together this great event and I can’t wait to attend next year!



blogsig1Note: All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own.


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