The Lux Puff®

I’m honestly not sure how people can feel clean without the use of a loofah. I get it, the concept alone can be a little weird (you use the same thing to clean yourself everyday), and you need to constantly replace it to maintain proper care.

So when I first heard about The Lux Puff®, I was honestly intrigued. The Lux Puff® is the first of its kind as a 2-in-1 shower tool that combines a washcloth with a loofah (two of my favorite things). The revolutionized loofah is reversible, so it offers maximum cleaning.

The Lux Puff® uses Polygiene, an all-natural silver salt which blocks bacterial growth by 99.96%.So you won’t feel gross with use after use AND you can wash it and throw it in the dryer, eliminating the need to stock up. The Lux Puff® has been given exclusive rights to use Polygiene for the bath product market sector.

It’s currently available in two colors: Cobalt Blue and Radiant Orchid. Priced at $10 including shipping, The Lux Puff® is available for shipping through the website in the United States and in other countries dependent on mail service and availability.

About The Lux Puff®

The Lux Puff® , founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Michael and Theresa Collins, was designed and developed to solve a problem. The focus behind their products is to ensure that consumers have access to products that effectively promote better hygiene, are non-toxic, and are environmentally friendly.

((Information is courtesy of Lux Puff PR))






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