I Spy…Colored Curls

This past weekend, I saw a crazy amount of people rocking colored hair. With everything from teal to pink, it seriously got me inspired. As someone who would love to have colored hair (but can’t due to my job) I decided to help those in the same boat.

Embedded image permalink blue green mermaid hair. in all reality I'd never do this to my own hair but it really is beautiful to look at #RainbowHair #extensions Hand Dyed by Anya Goy. 100% human Remy hair (suitable for heat styling). Clip-in. Full head set. ONLY ONE SET AVAILABLE. First come first served. Available for purchase at… Sydney, Australia time: 29th Jan 2014 9am (UTC+10:00) New York, USA time: 28th Jan 2014 5pm (UTC-05:00) London, UK time: 28th Jan 2014 10pm (UTC+00:00) Price: $295 (AUD) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: https://www.rainbowhaircolour.com/product/hand-dyed-rainbow-hair-extensions-clip-in-full-head-set/ cotton candy hair lol! Would you ever rock this hair brotha? Purple ombre with white tips Long Wavy Ombre Hair: Wavy Hairstyles Trends | Popular Haircuts

So if you’re like me and looking to add a little color, check out hair chalk. Yes, hair chalk is nothing new, but it’s awesome when you want to spice up your look and wash it out before your 9AM meeting on Monday.

My choices for hair chalk are below.

red tint hair color

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk Kit


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