How to get your makeup to stay on ALL DAY


We all love to wear makeup, but yet we don’t want it melting off our faces during the hot days of summer.  Or even better!  You would like for your makeup to last during a special event or occasion, i.e. your wedding day!  Here are some tips to making your makeup LAST, vs caking or sweating off your face.


How to make your lipstick stay on all day: You will need your lipstick, a tissue, & setting powder.  First put on your lip stick.  Then place the tissue directly over your lips.  Take a makeup brush & brush some setting powder on your lips with the tissue is still over your lips.  Otherwise, use a lip stain.  That definitely won’t move!


Stick to waterproof eye liner / mascara or get a waterproofing gel:  You don’t want your eyeliner / mascara running if you cry / sweat.  Even better you can add…

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