Closet Classics Worth the Splurge

The Oxford Guide

Fashion is disposable, there is really no way around it. If you’re a trend setter, or a trend follower, the chances of that trendy item making its way into the next season are probably slim to none (except crop tops, tip of the cap to you because I didn’t think you would make it this far).

You toss, donate or sell. That being said, there are certainly items in your wardrobe that you probably did spend a mint on, and if you were smart about it, they’re items that never go out of style. So if your super trendy wardrobe seems to be missing a few timeless touches, here are 8 items I think spending some good coin on will pay you back in dividends. Hopefully can add some of these staples to your wardrobe!

Trench Coat

Icon trench coatMID-LENGTH TRENCH

There’s always that funny transitional time between summer and fall, and winter to…

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