Refining Sugar Cleanser Defined My Life (and Friday Night)

My whole nightstand is full of makeup and every so often on a slow friday night, I like to go through it and try out some products. With my hair up and glasses off, I decided to treat myself to a much needed face scrub and that’s when I came across MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser. It looks like a sugar scrub and it smells like vanilla. Out of curiosity and lured in my the delicious smell, I took a good amount into my hands and added water. At first it felt like a sugar scrub as I rubbed it all over my face. But as I continued to rub, it became creamy while still exfoliating my skin. Afterwards, my skin felt amazing and still looks amazing the day after. I have a nice glow and a significant lack of dry skin.


All I have to say, is that this sugar cleanser gets an A+ in my book.







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